Where is the Russian language spoken?

Russian is largely spoken in Russia, although it is also spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine, as well as many other countries where Russian expatriates dwell. Many individuals in Eastern Europe and Central Asia also speak Russian as a second language. The Russian language institute in Hyderabad is one of several around India that cater to the demands of language enthusiasts.


Russian Language classes in Hyderabad

We provide an excellent Russian training course. Our intensive Russian language program in Hyderabad is very effective and well-targeted to help students quickly learn to speak and write Russian. Our skilled language instructors provide customised, need-based teaching to assist students establish successful careers.


Course details

LEVEL A1 (Beginner Level)

The student can grasp and employ regularly used terms and simple phrases in everyday life.
Apart from personal facts, the learner can make introductions about himself and others and provide/ask information on regular and daily activities, assets, dwelling place, likes and dislikes, relations, and native place.



This course teaches the learner how to communicate himself/herself in familiar, routine, and everyday circumstances. In addition, the student can read and comprehend simple texts.



The student will revise basic grammatical structures in order to consolidate them. He or she will also learn to conduct discussions on intriguing themes.
The student can comprehend the key elements of familiar topics addressed at work.
He or she will be able to deal with the majority of scenarios that are likely to arise when travelling in areas where Russian is spoken.
The student will be able to compose basic paragraphs on known or personal issues.
He or she will be able to discuss personal experiences and events, as well as hopes, objectives, ambitions, and plans…



With a strong command of Russian, the learner may use this course to comprehend most of the materials and express themselves in both speech and writing on a variety of themes.



if you speak Russian with ease. You will practice issues in literature, sociopolitics, culture, and science. The student will be able to summarise many oral and written sources, as well as express themselves naturally and accurately.


10+2 or equivalent / Graduation


Professional Trainers with long years’ experience
Flexible Class Time
Projects, assignments


Each Level 8 Weeks
1 1/2 hour sessions
5 days a week


It’s not exaggeration to say that there are plenty of Scope for Job opportunities and career options after learning German language in Hyderabad.
Foreign Language Trainer
Translator for MNCs Organizations
Tourist Guide
Air Hostess or Flight Steward
Attendant at hotels
Freelance Writer
Public Relation Officer