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We teach french classes in Hyderabad in a unique and more practical way. French is one of the most popular languages across the globe as identified by the UNESCO. It is spoken by millions of people across several countries other than France, such as Africa, Canada, Belgium and many more. Learning French and having fluency in this language will give you an upper hand to communicate with people overseas effectively.

French, no doubt, is a rich and beautiful language. It is also known as one of the most Romantic languages in this world not only for the fact that it has been developed by Romans but also because of its melodious nature.

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If you are going to some foreign country, the first thing that comes up in your mind is communication. You can express yourself clearly with the help of a language. This is why learning a popular language like French is essential not only for improving the skills on your resume but its real-world practical applications are also noteworthy. 

There are many students or candidates who prepare for exams to study or work in foreign countries for better opportunities. If you master a foreign language, the interviewers or recruiters are sure to be impressed. It will also help to increase your chances of going abroad and work/study there. Competitive exams such as GMAT, TOEFL, GRE are very demanding. Learning French will surely make your portfolio more attractive. POLYGLOT conducts a French language course in Hyderabad which will help you attain proficiency in this language. 

The various course formats of French classes in Hyderabad are taught here by professionals. The training takes place on different levels according to the requirements and progress of the students. POLYGLOT provides online French training so there is no need to spend time and go to an institute. You can learn French at any time you want from your home. It must also be mentioned that there are separate course formats for kids and adults for the convenience of the learners.

Academic French Classes in Hyderabad

Academic French is a special course for students which is taught according to a prescribed syllabus. Not only theoretical, but this course also enhances the importance of using this language as an effective mode of communication. This course is mainly designed for kids and teens. The tutors also make sure to track the progress of the children to help them learn better. 


Spoken French Laguage Course for Adults

This course is developed for adults. Keeping in mind the importance of effective communication as well as the requirement of this language in competitive exams such as DELF/DALF or overseas service, this course has been divided into several levels- A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. These classes are held usually during the weekend. Other than conducting regular classes for everyone, POLYGLOT provides the best French tutor in Hyderabad who will also be conducting written and oral examinations to track the progress of the learners. Description of the various levels has been given thoroughly for a better understanding. 

A1 Level

It is also known as the beginning level. This is for people who have got no idea about the language. In this stage, a primary and basic idea of the language is provided. For instance, you can introduce yourself to someone in French. The course also focuses on making you familiar with certain French words. You will be able to speak in certain social circumstances and take part in very basic conversation. 

 A2 Level

This level is also called the Elementary level. In this stage, the students get to learn certain unique phrases and expressions which are used frequently used by the people in their surroundings. Use simple words and converse easily with the people providing them with useful information. 

B1 Level

In this course, which is also known as the Intermediate Level. By now you will be able to read and write in French. You also get introduced to certain complex words. Conversing with people will become even easier at this stage. 

B2 Level

In the Upper Intermediate Level, the students will get to familiarize themselves with certain conceptual themes and technical terms. The fluency also increases in this level and students will be able to discuss difficult topics. 

C1 Level

Understand lengthy paragraphs and complex expressions. This is the proficient level where you will be able to take part in debates and express yourself properly in French. 

C2 Level

The Master Level will ensure that there is enough confidence within the student to speak French fluently with a native speaker also. The student will be able to communicate freely without any difficulty. Your speech will become more prominent and have clarity.

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Learning a french language can be difficult but with effective French classes in Hyderabad from POLYGLOT, you will be able to gain proficiency over this and have more scope of growth in your career. 

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