Know About the French Language

The official language of 29 countries, French originated in France. The first language of France, Quebec (Canada), Ontario, Brunswick, Belgium, Maine, and more. Approximate 300 million people speak French on daily basis. 


What Do We Offer?

We offer personalized courses for French-language specially designed as per your needs.

Personalized Courses for All Age Category

Academic French For Kids & Teens

Now, kids & teens can learn French language basics and advanced levels easily as this course is according to their syllabus. Helps in developing the basics of the language so that communication is possible from an early age.


Spoken French For Adults
Regular and Weekend classes for college-going students and working persons who want to crack exams and enhance their personality.

Preparation of DELF & DALF Exams using Oral & Written Tests

A1 Level

This is the beginner level for the persons who don’t know anything about French. Learn to recognize and use French words easily and basic sentence structures like greetings and daily use proverbs. Recognize the world around you in French words.


A2 Level

This is the elementary level where unique phrases and expressions are practiced like personal and family information. How to use the French language for shopping and understanding the world around you. Simple words are practiced for activities and speaking about topics.


B1 Level

Intermediate level provides teaching about reading and writing in French and how to speak on familiar topics. Difficult words are used to increase the challenge.


B2 Level

B2 Level
Upper-Intermediate Level empowers the students towards using the French language in discussions and normal day-to-day conversation using conceptual themes and words from their area of specialization.


C1 Level

This is the proficient level where lengthy passages and texts are included. Presentations and debates are organized along with impromptu extempore activities to exercise the French language understanding ability.


C2 Level

This is the master level. At this level confidence in the French language is developed using hardcore French texts and tests are organized where you have to speak with native French speakers. It develops proficiency in speaking French anytime and anywhere.