Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

You are interested in Foreign Language Courses in Hyderabad, right? Well,

 When you start finding the best training centers offering French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and other foreign language institutes in Hyderabad. And we are quite sure that our training methodology will convince you to choose us to learn a foreign language.


A training program is designed for the children as well as adults who are looking for French classes in Hyderabad.


German classes in Hyderabad are being looked for both school / college students and job-seekers abroad. This course, for sure serves the learner's purpose.


Are you looking for Spanish classes in Hyderabad? Ours is the right training institute where you can fulfill your ambition.


Do you have a learning passion for Italian language. Here are the Italian classes in Hyderabad to teach you the best.


You can rely on the Chinese classes in Hyderabad that we offer to improve the speaking skills in Chinese.


Are you interested in learning Japanese language in Hyderabad, Enroll in the best training course to learn the language.


Learn Arabic language to overcome your communication barriers when you travel to Arabian country.​


Why Russian language ? Is it your passion to learn the language to add to your wide communication skills.


As everyone knows, Spoken English is indispensable in everyone's life. Most people are in search of jobs in Major cities . In that process ,, As most job-seekers need good English communication skills, they are looking forward to spoken English classes in Hyderabad.

Foreign Language Courses in Hyderabad

Here, we hold for you some of the popular and important Foreign language classes in Hyderabad with all the necessary inputs to join and thus learn English,French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese.

As we had strong passion and fascination for teaching a foreign language we got inspired to set up ‘Polyglot’. Our motto is ‘ learn a new language and get connected with people across the world’.

We believe that the more we love learning a language, the more we love teaching. Hence the connectivity among the different cultures in the world. And you have your own free will to learn a new foreign language and its culture.

We have been in love with English and other foreign languages for long years, as a result “Polyglot’ emerged by means of Spoken English training in Hyderabad. Most our students have the in En, French, German and a few other foreign languages regardless of their educational qualification or English speaking skills.

Since 2008, Apart from English, we have been training in other foreign languages such as French, Spanish, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian and a few Indian Languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

The objective of our teaching a foreign language is not only to impart their functions but also to give the learner the skill to speak fluently and effectively in all practical circumstances.

Why Choose Polyglot

  • One- On –One session
  • Small size Class up to five people for an Individual attention
  • Motivational speaking opportunity
  • Easy access to the institute from any corner of the city
  • Convenient class timings.
  • Facilitation of teaching method
  • Professional trainers